Max Brooks
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

Max Brooks
Kategorijas: Angliski | Lietotāju grāmatas | Humors
ISBN kods: 1400049628
Izdots: 2003
Valoda: English
Faila adrese: Fails ir šeit.
Folianta anotācija:

In this outrageous parody of a survival guide, Saturday Night Live staff writer Brooks prepares humanity for its eventual battle with zombies. One would expect the son of Mel Brooks to have a genetic predisposition to humor, and indeed, he does, and he exhibits it relentlessly here: he outlines virtually every possible zombie-human encounter, drafts detailed plans for defense and attack and outlines past recorded attacks dating from 60,000 B.C. to 2002. In planning for that catastrophic day when "the dead rise," Brooks urges readers to get to know themselves, their bodies, their weaponry, their surroundings and, just in case, their escape routes. Some of the book's more amusing aspects are the laughable analyses Brooks proposes on all aspects of zombiehood, and the specificity with which he enumerates the necessary actions for survival-i.e., a member of an anti-zombie team must be sure to have with him at all times two emergency flares, a signaling mirror, daily rations, a personal mess kit and two pairs of socks. Comic, though unnecessarily exhaustive, this is a good bet for Halloween gag gifts and fans of Bored of the Rings-esque humor. 100 line drawings.

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by mumins
on January 21, 2010
Te ir Subjekta nākamais darbs.
by Linda Stepaņuka
on January 9, 2010
Pārkopēju sevis rakstīto atsauksmi par šo grāmatu no

When the zombie apocalypse strikes, this book will be the first item I'll grab. No, I'm lying, the second, as the first one will be a good-zombie-brain smashing tool.

I read it in the middle of my zombie obsession and it was one of the best laughs I've had while reading a book (though it might just be that I don't read humorous literature that much).

For those who take the upcoming zombie apocalypse seriously, this is a must-read book, but it has to be read carefully and with a little judgment. It does contain some well proven truths, like for example the importance of keeping fit and being well organized, and in addition provides action plans for several stages of the holocaust which is to come in the nearest future. However it concentrates on only one kind of zombie with no mention of a new strain of zombies developing, thus additional studying of doc.. I mean purely fictional literature and films are advised.

Overall it's a great book for the little zombie-geek inside and provides not only material for laughter but thought as well.


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Te ir Subjekta nākamais darbs.
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Prot...
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